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Hemlock Inc.

sugar in the mind

16 February
i always change these things. so here i go. im 20, a girl, i cant sum up my style, its pretty random, i like all colors. my favorite color is orange. i am currently a waitress at the good ol Village Inn. {I love good tippers}. im a slacker student at TVI. i was born in socal in san diego. moved hurr when i was 4. i have a room mate, she's hime_chan, she rocks...o..O..o..she rocks just like kodrana, shes red headed. ckygirl13 & ladyjcl are both equally rockin. I have random guy friends, but i love em. my twinaudrey hates me, i love my lil sisspork07 and my rents are ok, i like me dad better than me mum, one brother in the navy, one brother is in farmington and dating my roomie. i like irish beer.i enjoy smoking marijuana and watching flicks. i like music too, ha lots of it! LLOOTTSS. but then not. ~confused?~. i have 7 tattoos and 10 piercings. conversation is awesome and i like to do it, and i like people who do it also. I am the Mad Scientist/Druggist of The Village Inn Anger Cult and i love my cult!.......to be contined(?)...: )-~
420, ahahaha and ummm, altoids, altoids sours, anime, anti-goth, axe, baileys irish cream, beastie boys, beer, beverages, biting, blood, blur, bongs, boobs, boys and girls, bracelets, caffeine, candy, care bears, cars, cartoons, chick-o-stick, chub, chucks, cigarettes, cky, coffee, comic books, computes, concerts, corona, death, decepticon, dib, ewan mcgregor, food, fredrigo, fuck, fuck me, fuck you, fuck your mom, fucking, full moons, funny shit, guinness, gummi bears, gummi worms, hair dye, hand cuffs, harp, harry potter, he man, heinekein, hip hop, i feel sick, icons, invader zim, irish, irish car bombs, jazz, jess margera, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, joints, jumbles, kissing, kitties, knitting, led zeppelin, lenore, lip gloss, lip stick, local bands, love, love hina, lust, making pretties, marilyn monroe, martini glasses, martini goods, mischief, movies, music, my little pony, nail polish, new moons, nicotine, nonsense, orange, pac-man, pagen, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, pipes, poison, posters, pot, punk rock, radiohead, rainbow brite, rainbows, rancid, reading, religions, rolling papers, roman dirge, rubber duckies, rubbers, sandman, scrap booking, scratching, sex, ska, skirts, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smoking, snoop dogg, socks, soda pop, sody pop, sponge bob square pants, stars, sublime, sugar, sweet sweet blood candies, tattoos, tetris, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the fairly odd parents, the kids next door, trainspotting, transformers, undies, vampires, video games, village inn anger cult, virgins, vodka martinis, waffles, weed, wicca, wine, wrist bands, yoo hoo